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Reviews for "CC - Clock Day Aftermath"

I found this fun, but...

To be honest with you this wasn't a bad submission at all, I thought the game itself was fun, the music was cool too, but the fact that you could cheat the game made it really lame overall. The graphics weren't terrible in this game, but I still found it rather repetitive overall. Meh.

fun! weird music.

only you never win and always die!!

well done

u need to fix the glitch where u can just become unkillable then i would be fine.

you should fix that glitch or cheat if that what..

it is.... anyway if i didn't cheat it a fairly similar game somewhat above the simaler 3/5


fun game until i figured out that if you take the cursor off n your invinsible and that it never ends but pretty cool though?

M4KBOT responds:

thanks, I had fun making it. Kudos for finding the cheat!