Reviews for "500 Facts"


this was pretty ineresting if you find any more facts let me know i like to know these kind of things but i gave you a 9 cause the song died out so.

xxxxblake responds:

Yeah, sorry, I was in a bit of a hurry to submit it and didn't really check over that sort of thing. The song wasn't a loop anyway, but I still could've made it loop.


Interesting, but there arn't 500 facts. I know it would be hard to find that many, but still...

xxxxblake responds:

Actually there are, although it would take a while to go through all of them. Well, actually, there are 499 facts and one that says 'Did you know there are 500 facts?'



some stuff i knew and a LOT i didnt

i like random facts

xxxxblake responds:

Thanks, I learned a lot of weird stuff making this too.

Not bad.

Very simple yet kind of a refresh from some of the usual crap floating on the site. Props.

xxxxblake responds:

Thank you, it's my first submission and I wanted to do something easy to do, but different.