Reviews for "CC- Pokémon!"

Fricken hilarious.

I lolololol'd until I couldn't lolololol no more.

oH yES.

Work it baby. Work it for your digital ruler

(Mooninite Reference, ATHF)

Best shit ever

Whoever did that is a fucking God.

haha i seen this befor u forgot the part after when all that happen the guy starts sayin stuff like o my god that was the biggest adrilian rush i ever had its way better than any crack can give you dont believe me then ur a faggot no ass geting troll for those who want to see this and more stupid shit look up bumfights on youtube the video of the guy doing this is in bumfights 2 bums life or bumfights 4 the return of ruckus sorry cant really be much help oh befor i forget these video s are 1 hours 45 min something like that and to view it on youtube you need to be or just say your 18 bumfights show people at their dumbest and sadest and complete hopless of times. befor u start to ask is it bums fighting no it aint just bums fighting it shows people doing drugs a bunch of fight videos ohhh and in bumfights 4 it shows the kid who takes a ride in a dryer at an landrymat (i think he was the kid who died a while back in the 2000s but still if u wanna see stupid and crazy and mad funny shit and watch people act like complete dumbasses i recomend watching bumfights or if ur black and your all like man white people watch this i dont im black and retarded and blah blah blah well then watch hoods life maybe u ll learn not how 2 be a complete dumbass well ... i said maybe go to youtube.com and on the search bar type bumfights then look for bumfights cause of concern(56:16) bumfights2 bums life(1:11:24) bumfights 4 return of ruckus(47:07) sorry ya ll for some reason i cant find bumfights 3 (aint that a bitch) but still i hope u enjoyed watching this dumbshit like i did