Reviews for "KidneyClock Is Da King!"

Impossible! :P

Kidney Clock is not the king and he will never be haha but it was a funny idea and good distortion for the screen across the portal.

harryjarry responds:

Not even for a second? :(


I suppose if you wanted to be king of the portal you could definatly be with this submission. Which reminds me, they should make him the king in the month of August just for the sake of clock day, or simply for that day alone. Nontheless, this submission wasn't that great and I found it to be rather dull, but you got the point across for sure, nice work.

harryjarry responds:

It was a little fun making this submission, mostly a rush since I didn't really plan on making a flash for Clock Day until it was already Clock Day. They should definitely make him king of August though :)

I have been trying to not submit silly things like this, but I felt this would be an alright time since it was Clock Day and all. I need to get down and actually start a flash that I work on longer than a day. Thanks for the compliment, I am a fan of the static effect, it looks neat. Hopefully this Clock Day I will be able to get something a lot better done :)



harryjarry responds:


50/50 good but not great

Well the music was like 1980s game music.
and nothing happened
and wasnt SBC the king?

All and all the drawing of kidney clock was cool

harryjarry responds:

Thanks ^_^ - the music was fun to make.

I would have liked to make a better flash for Clock Day, but it really came and went! Maybe next year I will actually have a decent flash to submit.

SBC is really good friends with KidneyClock, they like to both be king ;)

Thanks for the review bro, keep it real!

Totally rad!

So who's Kidney? Another one of your alts? ;)

I may not know KidneyClock, but I certainly did enjoy this flash about him. Because really, what's there not to like? The music was cool, the drawings were nice, and it had a good concept. It was good stuff.

The Clocks should be happy for having such an awesome tribute made for them. Excellent contribution, Joel! <3

harryjarry responds:

KidneyClock is really Kidney Joe, he just wanted to be a clock for Clock Day :)

I am glad you enjoyed watching this flash! I tried to make it as likeable as possible, it must have worked!

The Clocks are probably going wild from seeing this! I have been getting tons of emails and PMs telling me to make more!

Thanks for the review Jake! <333333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333