Reviews for "KidneyClock Is Da King!"

Ok lolwut?

I don't know if everyone below me are just trolling, but this is just one frame right O.o or am I doing somethign wrong here XD- 10 for the lolz.

harryjarry responds:

Frames are in the eye of the beholder! <3


I loved the jam man! what a sweet beat! whats it doing on the portal? if youd released it as a single you would go double or triple platinum! The animation was also preety kick ass, simple, but DEEP you know what I'm sayin'? course u do, you guys made it, keep up the good work, its always good to see a few fine upstanding contributers working together to make a remarkable peice like this, why weren't you front paged? and whats with the spam genre? couldn't find the fine arts/ inspirational section on their list? yeah, I know what thats like...kinda... anyway, you should update the graphics, you propobly either have it in a grittier format for one of two reasons 1)it was a symbolic/stylistic choice to emphasize the general message of the piece or 2) newgrounds couldn't handle the intensity of your highest quality frames, well no longer! nowadays they should be able to handle a much higher load especially if Tom F gives you guys a pass on the size restriction, I can't see why he wouldn't

harryjarry responds:

I've been told that it would easily be triple platinum! I care too much about the fans to worry about money/fame/things! It's beyond materialistic things! I feel you!! I think the admins were worried that NG would go down if this was front paged-NG couldn't keep up with the requests! I guess one of those silly genre mods thought this was spam! Clearly they were wrong! You are a genius and are loved by us all! You have that special eye for beauty!

Hopefully KidneyClock will go on another adventure! Hope you will see it! <3

Not much

I have decided to give you a "1" because you have introduced me to yet another clock. Of course, I have seen so many of them I have lost track. I hope you had a great Clock Day as it was certainly better than the one I had with my submission. I assume the main author is supposed to be a parody of HappyHarry perhaps? It got annoying with how the music kept going on and on. You should try out for an off switch or something next time.

I can not tell what your true intentions were for this, oh wait, now I realize it was spam. Well, it looks like you certainly got your wish. Next time, I think you should try having a lot more going on instead of just a single screen. If it is a single screen, then you probably should put in some audio about your political views or something meaningful. I guess the animation of KidneyClock is not too bad.

harryjarry responds:

KidneyClock is a clock that you don't want to lose track of! Keep that in mind!! It was a great Clock Day if I recall correctly! I hope you have a better one next time! Oh no, the username harryjarry has nothing to do with HappyHarry (I've heard Hamy-jamy too, haha). Maybe next Clock Day we'll go for something more complex!

Spam? If that means fun! Our political views are the KidneyClock should be king! And rule all! KidneyClock appreciates your comments and will remember them after the crown has been taken!


...I can say I resent the fact that the clocks are protected and supported. Why do they survive? Yes, you did some good gradient work with your art, I grant you that, and that's why you get a four.

But shame on people for uploading before they even learn how to use their animation programs. Get somebody to do some actual voice work instead of using a computer program to do shitty voices for you.

I mean, if you can't do something of quality yourself, then COLLABORATE! Don't upload spam and for the love of God, don't applaud laziness!

harryjarry responds:

Clocks are invicible! If you see any static, you should probably adjust your antennas! Clear that image up!

That sweet music actually wasn't Speakonia-it was some magic jam that I made myself! Speakonia has its own magic too though; I imagine that's why some people use it!

This was a giant collaboration! I worked with six other NG users to create this masterpiece!


Funky beats.

This flash movie was absolute perfection. I could tell you spent a lot of time fine-tuning everything here. The drawing of KidneyClock was immaculate as was the funky static effect you had on display. The screenshot of the portal was also absolutely perfectly framed. I was expecting to see a screenshot of the old layout considering that this was submitted a few years ago, but it seems like the current design has been around for longer than I thought! The music was also absolutely superb and was quite literally music to my ears and I thought it fitted most terrifically with the flash. Superb job all round!

harryjarry responds:

I am very thankful for all of your wonderful words! I know this is more than just a flash in my eyes. This flash's background has stood the test of time! Let's hope KidneyClock does the same!