Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

'fulp and the strawberry'

good animation and a lot of symbolism
had to watch it twice to figure out what everything meant
its very good.

not everyone would see it that way.
the story i mean


simply stunning

this has got to be the best clockday submission by far. You took the symbolism to a whole new level and made a brilliant masterpiece of animation and artwork. Great job, should have gotten daily 1st.

I would write a review in French...

But I don't speak French. So pretend I am speaking in French.
This movie was the sex.
Now translate.


So are the boy and strawberry clock gay for each other?

Munglai responds:


Excélente animation!

Le bout ou ils courent près de l'eau m'a fait penser à StarFox 64!