Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


simply awe inspiring. *sniff sniff

well then...

It different then the usual clock crew stuff that I have come to hate to a point, but this, I loved it. Oddly expressive, love the music. *thumb up and a 5*

The music from "Old-Boy" nice choice

Good fbf and good story progression no wonder you got 1st :) good colour tones and shading. The french was easy to understand since i did french for... 9 years i think or 8.
Good job!

Good job

It is nice to see some authors in Clock Crew are really taking the initiative and produce some quality flashes, so many crappy clock flashes are out there. Keep up the good work, authors like you just might save Clock Crews reputation amongst the critics of Newgrounds.

The only word you need in french is 'B' :3

WOW, that was some CHOICE animation right there. seriously, wowza. not much of a clock day toon, but really smells of clock influence. I'm sure this was done so you could show off your beautiful animation to any sort of crowd, and not have them baffled over why this strawberry has a clock for a face :P i knows you love the clock crew, just making an observation. This is your third year of submitting something on clock day, but this takes the cake by miles :) Can tell you really worked hard on this, and it shows. Some wonderful FBF work, with a style that just makes me feel happy inside. It's funny watching your work progress, from 2 frames of eminem raping someone, to SBC floating through the clouds, to this brialliant masterpiece. glad to see this got a daily first, albiet the wrong day ;) a fat happy late clock day to you, sir!

Munglai responds:

That was sort of half the reason but mostly I did it this way so that it would be more fun for me to animate than a normal clock movie would be.

I've submitted stuff for longer than three years, the old stuff is just really lame and on my other account.