Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

les francais ont mal avec les animations

pourquoi les francais ont faire les animations avec la symbolisme et pas la comedie ou action?... ca c'est la probleme avec la television canadien... (*yawn*) anyways... it wasnt graphicly amazing and it wasnt brilliantly written... and i bet only 1/100 people understood "you can not kill strawberry clock" in french... frankly this bored me... ah well... clearly everyone else got the message...(pardon moi ci mon francais est terrible... l'ecole catholique est terrible ave l'education anglais ou francais)

Munglai responds:

It wasn't written at all.


that was just a strawberry i wouldnt even call it a clock movie.Finding a clock in the water doesnt mean its clock related

Munglai responds:

Oh man, what a stupid thing to say.

wot the hell

ok that in normal

I dont like it

1. what the smeg! that was really odd
2. I dont like it
3. what has that have to do with clocks (or was it just because you wanted to subbmit this on clockday)

Munglai responds:

I didn't know what to say to this but then I looked at your profile and the banner thing is a big MSPaint picture of an H with a crudely drawn clock on it saying "SmegClock. I like pie." so I don't think I'll worry about you not liking this and I suggest you learn a bit about clocks before you decide that you are one. "I like pie" is just about the worst phrase you can possibly say.