Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


Wow, this is a really good flash! I loved how you styled it with the color schemes and music, it went together really well. I must also give you props on the actual storyline without the use of speech. It definitely worked. Awesome job!

Great, you hav a lovely imagination!

I loved the way the strawberry exploded and became the leaves at the end, the music was nice and the graphics were great. I think you spoiled it by ading french, but meh well it sorta works well with the style of the music, well done :D

Munglai responds:

Are you some kind of racist or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


...and touching, it was really nice. Could you tell me the name of the music?
Keep up the work.

Munglai responds:

The music is called The Last Waltz and is by Yeong Wook Jo. It's from the film Oldboy.

Hmmm and i think i'll say it's...

A very nicely-made flash , great quality for only 1.2 mgb. I think you could improve on... hmmm i dunno xD But this flash lacks something. Think your graphic skills could use some polishing. Think you could do great flashes if you could spend a a month or 2 more on making the flash. I wish you luck in your flash-making career:) (and i hope you reply xD cuz i love replies xD) This flash reminds me of "Gum", especially the starting part.

Munglai responds:

I certainly could do better if I spent a month or two more. This was only made in a week and a bit and I ha to rush to get it finished.

One of my Favs

I really like it.
I just searched for 2 hours trying to find it and i finally did...after posting in the forum. I love how abstract it is...although it does remind me of Raymond Brigg's "The Snowman".
BTW OLDBOY IS AWESOME! Are you an animation student?

Munglai responds:

I am an animation student, although I made this before I officially became one.