Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


this movie was very well made. music was perfect, and i can't think of any way to improve it at all. absolutely outstanding and beautiful story there. well done!

Very ironic

Strawberryclock is in no way artistic. I think it's sort of funny. To tell you the truth I had the monotone microsoft voice and total randomness of a strawberry with a clock on it. This was very nice.

It was...

Wonderful! Almost beutiful!

Good flash

Its pretty good. I think the graphics could be drawn a little better though, but its a masterpiece in itself. Very nice story. The whole thing itself is very captivating, from start to finish. Sorry, but I don't speak french, and probably never will. I would give you a 7 or a 6, but this just has... The potential. It doesn't lack potential. I give it a 9, not because its late-clockcrew day, but because I personally like the story by itself that it doesn't need to be described with anymore words than in then those that are said in the flash itself.

And by the way, happy clock day.

Munglai responds:

I'm not too fond of the drawings myself but it's the best I could get out of Flash's ugly brush. I would be very happy if I could draw in Flash with a nicer tool or with a real actual pencil but I guess it's not really meant for that sort of thing.


awwww lil tom fulp and strawberry clock had a gay little fling together