Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

Fantastic animation!

This was one of the best ClockDay submissions this year and it deserves both the front page spot and the great score, if not better. This movie was touching as well, who knew StrawberryClock could be so kind :P?

My favourite part about this submission was definitely the animation itself. It was very smooth and didnt skip a single beat in the movements. That is to say the movements were very detailed, and seemed to be all there rather than missing parts or being generally choppy. Another thing I liked about it is the effort because while ClockDay does boil down to spamming the portal and receiving free protection points, it is like a breath of fresh air when you see a genuinely good submission. It was interesting how you portrayed the king of the portal himself, StrawberryClock; as a friendly character rather than a crazy talking fruit who swears a lot (no offense King:P).

Basically, this was a unique and touching flash and I really enjoyed it. Way to go on making one of the best ClockDay submissions this year!


Thank you. Your so talented !


that was amazing great style of animating weird somewhat but still 5/5 10/10

Ochen horosho!

eto ochen interezna feelm, da... ya ne ochen panemayoo pochemoo eto v FRENCH, no...
cvo v cvo, eto horosho!

lol thats russian for, interesting, verry good, but ys it in french?

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
That was a very interesting movie. I was trying to predict what would happen throughout, but I never got it right. Very unpredictable and enjoyable. The graphics were very smooth. Can't believe you haven't made many other movies. I'm sure they would be successful.

^^Needs Improving^^
Really not a whole lot. I was wondering what the hell this had to do with clocks for most of the time.

Munglai responds:

g g g g
I've made quite a lot of movies they're just all old and lame and on an old, lame account which I keep secret. I'm still making stuff now, I just don't submit them here anymore. I'm trying to move away from Flash because it's a really awkward program to do proper animation in.