Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

munglai munglai (munglai)

lmao ur weird m8

You are just a genius!

It's all art the stance and all.
and i find this bautifull when poeple try french when there is not.
It's good art good music and good story.
And i dont realy like clock but you have make me like it little more.
Good job!


This is beautifull, but
I'm french canadian, and I understand french well, as you should have guessed.
En fait il y a plein de fautes d'orthographe, so next time you do something in french, pm me and I'll translate it for u.
You do own your prize


great work!!!!
very nice drawing!!

Nice work!

You did an excellent animation and you didn't spell anything wrong. I love your work, keep it coming.

Malade12, j'ai regardé ce merveilleux vidéo puis j'ai jeté un regard sur le reste des critiques. Malheureusement, tu as raison, les gens ssont nuls en français et le verbe ''tuer'' est bien accordé.