Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


Fantastic work mungli, you realy do add something great to the crew.

Me I can speak French

Me I come from France.And I understand the language.

The movie is fantastic

French:Ce film est fantastique

Wow, just wow

Usually things on newgrounds is stupid, its not the way it used to be and Tom is skinny and hideously ugly. But this stands out, its unique, make more, for the sake of whats left of newgrounds......and Tom is ugly

Tabernack that was gewd

best cartoon i've seen in awhile. great job.


i dont understand french (is it?) but from what i understand it seems that for something good to happen you need to sacrifice something.
for this story the boy sacrifice his friendship for tree to grow and shed the world.
this is my opinion and good job to the author.