Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


I was blown away by this. Spectacular, subtle, truly enjoyable.

I know this is a vain hope, but I hope to see more soon.


LOVE THE MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 STARS


excellent work! beautiful! (dont listen to Nqkoi1 and other n00bs).


..than anticipated Nice drawing style and you have good animation. Keep it up :/

Kinda touching

I love the way you use our first language to express Strawberry Clock's story, it's a bit funny ^^ But often, people using french sound a bit odd in flash animations.... I guess it is not your first language so it's kinda normal.

For those who are reviewing in french, seriously, the mistakes are awful, it's hurting my eyes even more than english spelling mistakes.

Et pour UltimaToxic, non il n'a pas fait de faute, c'est bien "tuer" à l'infinitif, pense un peu avant de corriger les gens.

Munglai responds:

haha sorry it's not supposed to be accurate French at all it was just kind of a joke that no one got except me