Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


Beautiful animation and music...it maybe had the most heart of any of the clockday submissions. Thank you for taking the time to make something like this!

Munglai responds:

Sure thing dawg.

Français ! on Newground !

C'est incroyable ! Ce vidéo à un style particulier. L'absence de parole oblige l'utilisation d'images ayant une grande profondeur.

Je crois bien que c'est le premier vidéo en français à n'avoir jamais été mis sur Newgrounds ! C'est officiellement une première !

Ce vidéo démontre que Newgrounds peut faire preuve d'une grande diversité culturelle.
It's incredible! This video has a particular style. The absence of word obliges the use of images having a great depth.

I believe that it's the first video, in French, not to be never put on Newgrounds! It is officially a first!

This video shows that Newgrounds can show a great cultural diversity.

un francais

jai trouver sa comment dire....culte mais ses la premiere fois que je trouve un francais dans newground


the tree is NG right?


That was so cool. I actually got goosebumps when the tree bloomed with cherry blossoms (or should I say Strawberry blossoms?). A truly magnificent piece, and a great joy to watch. The art was simplistic, but its animation was something to behold. This is going in my favorites, and it's been fived. Thank you for submitting this so that the newgrounds community can watch it.