Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

That was touching

YOu such a great animator, I'm glad I'm able to see your work.


My tiny children? You're some kinda messed up hippy, I'm sorry.
Anyways, this was a pretty nice flash, don't see how it was a history of the world though. And take English lessons, this is an English website.

Munglai responds:

I am totally some kind of messed up hippy.

I'll take some English lessons imediately!


Very Original Idea, I loved it! It was a very unique flash and I hope that you make more flashes of this quality! Please do, as you are a great flash artist and I would love to see more of your work!


The atmosphere of the animation was great... very calm. I like the music.

This piece of video was really beautiful. I really

like the artwork and the unusal friendship shared in the story. Keep up the great work dude !