Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

Beautiful animation!!

It was certainly my favourite clock day submission and as for some people complaining that the french spoiled it, i felt that it was the icing on the cake! It brought a whole new dimension to the animation and the fact that i didn't understand what it said made it more magical, like in it's own world.
Good Job m8 !!!!

Munglai responds:

Awesome, I like you.

Tomas Et La Fraise

was beautiful. Keep doing what you do.


Beautiful animation and music...it maybe had the most heart of any of the clockday submissions. Thank you for taking the time to make something like this!

Munglai responds:

Sure thing dawg.

It was ok I guess

This movie was pretty good I guess cept I couldn't rly understand dose French parts if dey were French I say make more just try to make it in English

It was ok

But to the guy before me, i bet you're not even from france, cuz instead of saying, 'me i can speak french' why not just say, im french, that just sounds corny what you said.
But back to the movie, very well animated, but i don't understand why its on newgrounds, i mean newgrunds.com, america mostly, im from united kingdom so not much difference, i think there should be a french newgrounds for these things.