Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


Both moving AND touching. Munglai, you give flash soul. Truly magnificent. Enjoy the prize money, you deserve it!


that was just a strawberry i wouldnt even call it a clock movie.Finding a clock in the water doesnt mean its clock related

Munglai responds:

Oh man, what a stupid thing to say.

nice one

Ahh, the daily winner and ultimate winner of ClockDay 2007. Congrats. This one here was actually pretty nice to watch, good graphics, a decent plot and your efforts were good.


the tree is NG right?

Weird flash, histoire intriguante

C'est très intéressant de lire les critiques en Français sur un site Anglais =)

Et dire que cette animation s'est dénichée la première place du ClockDay 07, impressionnant !

Alors je te dis deux fois bravo avec un accent de Français de France !.. Même si je suis Québécois loll.

Anyway, this flash should go in the "history of the portal" section...

(C'étais hot en caliss ^_^)