Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

a rare gem...

this is truly a rare one, one of those marvolous treasures that occor only on Clockday. May this one remain in Newgrounds for all time.

oh, and wtf was that last bit just before the replay screen? O_o


has to be one of the best flash i have ever seen


That was so cool. I actually got goosebumps when the tree bloomed with cherry blossoms (or should I say Strawberry blossoms?). A truly magnificent piece, and a great joy to watch. The art was simplistic, but its animation was something to behold. This is going in my favorites, and it's been fived. Thank you for submitting this so that the newgrounds community can watch it.


GO CC! I wish someone would put me in there CC flash...

Good job

It is nice to see some authors in Clock Crew are really taking the initiative and produce some quality flashes, so many crappy clock flashes are out there. Keep up the good work, authors like you just might save Clock Crews reputation amongst the critics of Newgrounds.