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Reviews for "Child Planet & Monkey p.2"


"I'm gon' fuckin' kill ya Bio!!" *Flick* WAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!! MUMMY!!!! Was my favourite bit in the movie. How did you make the American Male 3 voice for the kid Clock (forgot name of him, the angel one, was it Infrio or somethin') go all high and Bio's British Male voice in Pt.1 go deep though?


I love this part of the two part also. I really thought it was funny when SBC was captured by Strange Clock and then he's asking for more ice cream. That was really funny to me. :D I also liked how at the end it had a happy ending with the little planet clock and his uncle. It was so touching, but I am a girl who loves those kinds of things.
I love this little series and I hope Orange Clock isn't dead.

Eternal-Panda responds:

Orange was in every single scene in the whole movie. ... he was always just kinda off camera.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thanks for the review =D



lol at that part when you came all flashy rdy to kick uncle mayo's giant mutant butt i was already saying "AWESOME KNIGHTCLOCK IS MY HERO"

Eternal-Panda responds:

Uncle mayo? Biological clock is his name.

And Strange really is Carrot's son in real life, fyi.

Thanks for the review!

What happend to the real orange clock???

Could you tell me or make lika a short flash about his whereabouts?

Eternal-Panda responds:

Ah yes, this was a scene I had to cut. After the credits (which I also did not have enough time to do) it was going to fade into a bonus scene where all the clocks are dressed in black at Oranges funeral, because they all assumed Orange was killed. Then Orange was going to come strolling in, then sit down in the back and lean over to another clock and say something like "Who died?".

It would have been funny.


Usually anything that has to do with time or clocks gets on my nerves (though not nearly as much as it gets on Tom's) but, this was actually cool. I love little planet clock, he's so cute! And the story itself is very entertaining. I just wish I could have understood everything they said, but I'm willing to watch it over again to catch what I missed. You're a funny guy, lol.

Eternal-Panda responds:

Heh heh, thanks much. Yeah I am sorry about that, I didn't have enough time to add subtitles. Try turning up your volume or using headphones, it helps a ton.

Btw, 'Little planet clock' is actually Empyreal Clock