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Reviews for "Child Planet & Monkey p.2"

A bit long.

Although this submission was a bit long, I really did like it. The plot seemed to have a good protagonist and antagonist and not only that, but it provided some good overall funny to it aswell. The graphics were solid and really detailed enough that you enjoyed the submission even more so then what you would have normally. For the most part, a good submission.

i know you have awsome skillage

i know you do

Good movie KnightClock

Two things that I don't understand. Why did you use Strange as the antagonist, and is Leek a boy or girl.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Excellent movie. It was quite long, but was definitely filled with a lot of good content. Tons of jokes that I could not begin to mention all of the good ones. There were really no plot holes that I could find, and any that I did find were answered somewhere in the movie. I liked how parts of this seemed like Star Wars Ep. 3. Not sure if you meant it like that, but one part reminded me a lot of the meeting of the Jedi Council speaking of Anakin. Anyway, great movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
Just a question. What was that gian green and blue clock? Never seen him before.

Loved it!!!

Woah even cool then the first part you r aimply amazing