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Reviews for "Break Out"

ok ill give it 10!!

im slightly intimidated by pokemon4an1 below,(ewww..justin bieber..) but id still rank this highly anyway. Nice tune!

Awesome + Reply

This is awesome. AHH, VIDEO GAMES!!! Who dosnt hate school?

Go listen to your dumb Justin Beiber unless you give this a 10.

simplistic and rockin

right at 1:50 you got me. i was a bit iffy because the resy bass synth was getting a bit boring. but with that kick-some-ass style uptempo gated stuff i was diggin it hard. maybe throw some synths in there in the upper range for a lead line or harmonies would seal the deal.


Mad raw, loved it.


feeling this got that early 90 late 80's feel/ 16bit gaming days

keep it up man