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Reviews for "This, is SBC."

That was a good short

Funny short and nicely animated.
What more could you want?
Well actually being short isn't the greatest thing.

wierd and funny

it is riping off dr tran though so i give it 9

Excellent short.

This was too good with seeing Strawberry Clock get owned more then any other flash on this Clock Day 2007 on that big lashing out from the announcer guy,the idea was awesome and the execution made it great,excellent job man you put something really special up here. ^_^


This is funny :P

that ace

Thats how a good quality clockmovie, should be made i love how you did SBC. The voice was rally funny and the jokes arer so clever and funny. I though the funniest was about Jerry Jackson, who raped the portal. Im glad you had Turdclock too, exellant graphics and voices well done.