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Reviews for "System Split - F-777"


Meh, sry guys, but due to the epicness, I cant say this in words. XD


This is amazing. And i don't know bout the rest of you, but this sounds like Tron. In a good way. Epic, is the only word to describe this song. Never too much, never too little. Always satisfying. Keep on doing this Jesse! I'll Continue to buy the albums...


This song is amazing, the way all the instruments blend, just how jump-ity it is, everything.

Good job, sir!


the best music.

The best song ever made! :D -Me gusta face-

This song is so nice that for a moment it makes me want to be a music creator! can you imagine the inspiration this piece of art give me? :D i hope everybody feels live with this song! congrats! =D