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Reviews for "System Split - F-777"


loved the idea for this track! the little acidy sound that rises is alittle off but sounds cool! i felt you should have turned up the kick alittle for the 2nd bit too though, other than that it's wicked! great job :D

- Bahdshah

F-777 responds:

I love you man.
Thanks for the review!
(i agree its way off hahaha)


I have to say F-777 is one of the best (or best) music authors on the grounds Cheers :D

F-777 responds:

No im far from it. Thanks so much though!!! =D

Sweetness, great Jet Jockeying Song!

That was pretty damn hot, only a few places where it kinda lost steam for just an instant, but even then it still manages to rise above average. I just love the main melody and the base. The latter manages to be strong without overwhelming the chords and the melody always seems to go back to the base. Great combo!

The ending was kind of abrupt, but you made up for it with the pause right before the final segment. The breakdowns were kinda loose too especially around 2:18, but hell, it was padded well.

I've been blowing up shit in HAWX 2 to this and it just rocks!


cant stop listening!!!!!


Its loud and full of life! good beats and a strong feel to it! enough to make anyone dance!

Your still my number 1 Jesse! <3