Reviews for "Bumper Car Madness"

Wow, what a great idea for a game.

Clock Day or no Clock Day. #;-}>

Couple things: First, the negative:

There's only one. I think sometimes the next coin is spawning right underneath a computer-controlled car. Why do I say that? Well, my car and two others were all tied for the lead with 9 coins, then suddenly another car bumped one of us three to the right, and he jumped from 9 straight to 14 coins. There were not 5 coins right in his path, so... it dawned on me that the coin respawn might be slightly... unfair.

Aside from that? Greatness. Smooth, crisp graphics. Runs well, the momentum of the cars is tuned just right. The mouse control is spot on... it's a fun bumper-car romp, what more needs to be said? BRAVO!


the music makes me laugh.. any chance you can put it up in the music section?

i loved the game.. super fun.
so easy, yet so fun!

Its awesome!

Sheer madness when there are loads of bumpers and everyone is ricocheting everywhere. Also hilarious music

i won

i won da whole game how do u control 2nd 3rd and 4th playa?


I don't like to use the mouse...