Reviews for "Autograph"

Oh mer gawd im dying over here xD

Im totally diggin the style. Humor is great as well. All around great strip.

Nothing at all against the cartoon, but is it bad that I saw the second screen and instantly though Jared Fogle?

Great job though, always impressed by your work. Keep it up!

I loved the humor XD It's great to see a nice cartoon strip versus the 1000 perverted drawings the art portal has.

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Ha! Just kidding. Thought I was some dirty adbot, didn't ya?
I'm your Fairy Punchline Godmother, and I'm here ta tells ya that ya coulda just ommited the kid's last sentence. We already know he's asking fer an autophographaf, a shorter punchline hits ya harder and makes the funnies flow easier. ;-) Keep it up, Slick!

But srsly, you can enlagre yor penor with this graet pillx, jus click mae internet!