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Reviews for "Anti-TD"

Interesting concept, but too easy

Concept: 10/10 Very unique idea. I like it
Execution: 6/10 I feel as if you could have executed this a lot better. The way it is now, you can beat a level by just flooding with high level units. They last long enough to make back more than you spent, and by making a solid stream of them, turrets are unable to destroy them all. Maybe make it so that you have a large budget to start with, and you have to build all of your units for the start of the game, and you can choose when you send them out during play? It then at least prevents a person from only flooding
Graphics: 9/10 They seem appropriate
Music and Sound: 9/10 Sounds great

10 + 6 + 9 + 9 = 34/40 = 17/20 = 8.5/10 = 9/10

to hard

I really like the concept of this but I found even the first level to hard. I couldn't get enough cash and to many turrets spawned.

great game

Great concept, This would be fantastic as a 2 player online Defence game. I am willing to do all the music if you want my services. I think the button with "let it out" should be "deploy" or similar. Good coding , good graphs, an amazing blueprint for super games to come.

Way too easy

The concept is great, The problem is that it is too easy, All you have to do is spam roadsider 5.0 Then when you hit the 50/70K You start spaming schnells with burst till you hit 100K, Then you just spam it nonstop and win,

Very original!

Good job, great concept!