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Reviews for "Anti-TD"

Nice! But it could be so much better!

It really is a good game, but it's too easy and slow.
It needs:
-More levels
-More color
-More units and enemies
-Perhaps some bonus modes or challenges.

And anyone that says this game is bad are just trolls.

Here's some tips for beating the game:
1. Launch the weaker units first. As they walk, you constantly gain more money.
2. NEVER USE higher than 1.0, UNLESS it's the turtle.
3. After you have more money ($10,000 or more, preferably) use 5.0 Turtles and they'll do the rest.
4. Stick to the path that has less enemies.


this game suck bad

Fun Game

It's fun, but it does get a bitty bit boring the more it progresses. It gets me through an hour or so, so it's pretty good.

Needs Work

It could use more elements to the gameplay. The game gets boring fast and needes more variation.


lot of negative comments i like the game :3