Reviews for "DownWithPubeMuppet!Remake"


The Pube muppit! Muahuahuahuahahuhahaaa!!!!

I must be the only one whose seen the original. ;D O yeah. I laughed when I saw how thick those squiggles on him were. Good job!

IngramJ responds:

Thanks man.

Happy Clock Day!

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Never saw the original, but this was pretty good. It was quite unexpected to have the pube muppet's pubes get shaved off. That was quite comical. The jaws sound effect was a nice touch to this.

^^Needs Improving^^
It dragged on quite a bit. The music was kind of low quality, which made the length seem really annoying.

IngramJ responds:

Umm, thanks; this was only supposed to be a joke movie. The original one's linked in my comments anyway. Thanks for favouritin' me BTW. <3

Also, whoever draws me in every PUUU *asplode*

When I first saw this in the portal I thought to myself, "Hey, why would someone want to remake about something that really isn't that much of a problem now?" Well, I watched it, and I think you did a damn good job. Also, the random unexpected ending had me in stitches.

IngramJ responds:


Happy Clock Day.

not good

even though this flash seems to be done better than others, it still isn't verry good. next time give a little more thought into your flash and have a better submission for clock day

IngramJ responds:

You dipshit, I DID make a proper Clock Day submission! (Called Anti-Blammed Pt.1) This is just a joke movie!!

Not a bad parody at all

The only two things you need work on in this parody is the bad looping music and the movieclip of the hair flying off when he gets shaved, it looks and sounds pretty bad compared to the original.

I'm humored someone actually parodied my animation :)

IngramJ responds:

Umm, thanks, despite the 0, lol!

I parodied it because I found it hilarious even though it was anti PM, and I couldn't get a GOOD sound clip of the Jaws tune. :(