Reviews for "LL - PeachLock vs SBC"

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A great Clock Day submission. The graphics were no less than I have come to expect from you, wonchop. Excellent animations and good drawings as well. The ending was definitely unexpected, which I always find to be a good characteristic of a movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
Really not a lot I can say to improve upon. It's rather short, but you did was you wanted to do with this.

lol thats funny

im going to face my fears with a box ^_^


You cannot kill SBC! Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiaaiaiiaiaiaiaiai! Liked it.


dude, nice flash, even though it was for supporting the clocks >.<, it was still pretty cool


Well, this should be a Lock Day flash, not a Clock Day flash. This was kinda anti-clock. It was funny thoguh, but still, SBC is awesome, and if this is supposed to be a Clock Day flash, shouldn't SBC be kicking LL ass?