Reviews for "LL - PeachLock vs SBC"

Mostly spectacular

I gotta admit I get really sick of hearing people say "You cannot killStrawberry clock"
This movie shows you can't but you can always trap him.

Haha that was sweet.

It had great animation to it and the idea of it was very funny with Peach Lock trying to kill Strawberry Clock then he ends up putting a box on him and with what Strawberry Clock was blabbering about inside the box i really got a kick out of that,great job. :)

Better than ok!

This submission may not be long, but the concept of it makes it hilarious as it is. As ing of the portal he cant die...but, being the less than smart person he is, he can't get out of a box. I think its brilliant, for it reminds me of a younger me...

It was okay.

I found this submission to really just be okay. I mean it was a good submission overall, but I just did not like the submission that much. It was nice and kinda' funny to see that you could not kill SBC, but it just seemed lackluster overall, and it just did not seem like it overwhelmed anyone. All in all, not a great submission.


Nice one Cloud! You may not be able to kill StrawberryClock, but you can pretty easily outsmart him!