Reviews for "LL - PeachLock vs SBC"


Great animation, and a funny ending. Nice.


Excellent animation on Peach...

for all eternity

lol nice
theres always a way to kill something, you just gotta find a way to do it!

good thing we has boxes!
buys us more tiem :3

... that and makes them scream all day

Wonchop saves the day!

Great Clockday Flash, i've mostly seen crap submissions today (and it's my first Clockday), though there are good ones in them, including this one.
True, you can't kill SBC, but box saves the day!

Wonchop responds:

Hooray for Box, the greatest hero since Inanimate Carbon Rod!

you always save the day wonchop

just when i though clock day would be celebrated with gay-ass-fuck movies and games, your always there to cheer us up. happy clock day and great job!

Wonchop responds:

Well I've never been there for Clockday before (I'm always on holiday) XD