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Reviews for "Dashkin - Into The Void"

I like to mention that Bitey, the last of the Dashkin, has given me many ideas in the realms of Druids and Spirits. In lands where the natural power of things is balanced on the edge of a knife between creation and decay, he brought a new inspiration that was beyond even Elvish, and feyrie kind.

Keep up the good work, and aspire to your goals and dreams, even as the Evergreens consume us slowly... Always a fan of your work, regardless of its original context.

He returns :)

Did you leave us, Appa? COME BACK!!! AANG BEGS YOU!

Please return! We've missed you terribly!

we miss you!! you are one of my inspirations. i would watch your animations over and over again and just say to myself "he has the same tools as me I can do that"

of course i never got close but it pushed me to making my own. huge inspiration, you are a part of one of the purest times in my life.

much love yo