Reviews for "Wut U Doin"

cant wait to get back to the crib...

and spark a fat one while i wig out to this beat! fuuuuuuckin nice fuck all that other bullshit this is pimp

Stone-Killa responds:

shit lol glad u like it keep listenin 2 my tracks n u goin find u mo shit u can bump all night

Mainstream Gold

This Beat w/ Idiot Autotune Rappers would Make you Filthy rich in this World of MORONS!

Stone-Killa responds:

thx sorta i guess


Why. Did you do this, rip on rips.

Stone-Killa responds:

Thx 4 hatin..../i love it lol

i have no

complaints. 0-Prime is a pretty good beat maker so his tips might be helpful though. lemme know when ya finish or if ya make it different. Either way, Im downloading and 5ing. Keep up and excellent share!


Stone-Killa responds:

Thx check out my Drumma boy Meet Luger if u liked dis lol i made dem frm same project lol


Like the alien effect :P
Love the bass, however i think you need a louder clap and kick probs...otherwise its good man!

Stone-Killa responds:

thx lol ill keep dat in mind wen im doin the final version