Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"

Yaaaaa, i think im gona need a medic.

I thought it was gona be one of those cops gone bad takes his revenge, this is better than that! I loved all of it.

Creatus responds:

Psh, cops gone bad is so cliche. This is like a flash revolution, visual orgasm for the public.

It was good

dude, that was soo funny!The graphics adn animation was great too, didn't have any little stop glitches oranything!

Creatus responds:

Stop glitches, are SOO 2005.

mm really nice

I really liked the graphics and stuff. It wasn't too short and it was kind of funny. The animations was nice too, but it seemed like it lacked something.

Creatus responds:

AH yes, I do believe it lacked... nothing. Its perfect. kthx.

lollipops look like magic wands!!!

he is high!!!i like the lollipops spruting rainbows!y does it look like a magic wand? the officer is high too.I WANT A LOLLIPOP:P

Creatus responds:

ITS NOT A LOLLIPOP. Just because it has a stick does not mean it is a sugar delicious candy treat.


you should take that lolipop part and make a loop with it

Creatus responds:

ITS NOT A LOLLIPOP. Its a magic wand. Sprouting a rainbow. You can see so yourself in this loop I made out of it:
http://www.creatustoons.com/clockcrew /sirtrip02.swf

I don't know why I made the loop. I don't believe anyone told me to take that part and make a loop with it.