Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"

Wow where to begin?

Okay first off The menu was very orriginal. Second the Script was awesome. I just can't think of what to say. I gotta get a microphone and play all the sbc dialouge before that scene.

Creatus responds:

well i don't understand this review. But I suppose that makes it even more awesome! Thanks happy clockday.


VEry good flash
good plot
very very funny
not over doing the jokes
good lenght

I give 10/10

you guy at the cc are awsome at flash

keep it up !!!!!!

Creatus responds:

You can never overdo jokes I do say!

Awesome stuff

The animation was great, and the whole movie was funny.
Also, the movie had a feel to it that I don't think I've ever gotten from any other Clock movie.
It was a cool feeling.
Anyway, awesome stuff.

Creatus responds:

Thanks man. And about that feeling, I'm glad you have felt it. That really was my goal, to try and stick something new into everyones gut, and if I managed to do that it was very well worth the time taken to make it.

i did not like it too much i give u a 8

nothing new and too random and not too inventive iv seen many things and reveiwd many times so this is been there done that to me

Creatus responds:

Your a fucking idiot. Go stick your head in a blender.

If I ever doubted the CC

then the doubt is gone. This is the reason why I love the cc so much! TEH RANDOMNESS! 5/5! Well done indeed!

Creatus responds: