Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"


dude awsome i love cloks lol but serialy (southpark joke) well good keep up the good work!

Creatus responds:

super cereal


Well done! you did it! clock day is saved! *squish*

Creatus responds:

Thats what she said.


Wow this is the best flash movie on all of Newgrounds!

Creatus responds:

Tell me about it!

:O oh my gosh

that can be explained in one word: awesome

Creatus responds:

or God.

I was in your movie... Yippoy!!

Keep on good work cratus!! It's another great police movie ready to get a vote of five! It was me, that nuke at the end of the movie?

Nuke ( the Clockfriend)

Creatus responds:

No. That was NuclearBombClock who joined 4-5 years ago. So your probably going to have to think of a better clockname.