Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"

Haha that was crazy.

Sir Clock is truely a crazy bastard at least in this flash he was,there was a lot of funny stuff in this flash and some nice voice acting (weird for a clock flash) along with great smooth animation also it was pretty lengthy too,overall great job. :)

Creatus responds:

Thanks kindly


Great job, good storyline and most important: you made me laugh.

Creatus responds:


I liked it.

This is really why I like some of the clock crew submissions these days, you guys really provide a way to entertain the audiance. You guys have smooth and detailed graphics that really set itself apart from the rest of the submissions nowadays. The stories always manage to capture people's attention and they always manage to leave a smile on one's face. Really good job on this one.

Creatus responds:

Awesome, thanks


this is one of the funniest movies.... I've ever seen

Creatus responds:

Dude, I love you


Why no speakonia?

Creatus responds:

Eh? Cause its old shitty technology?