Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"


Just the meny is a work of art in itself, ominous and atmospheric. The animation itself has a both spooky and psychotic tone to it, full of both puns and drama. That mad flashing clock is crazy, and the looping encounter, hah, I guess it's more comedy than anything else after all, though the graphics are particularly well-worked. Keep it going!



Having just gotten back from seeing "Pirahnas 3D" I can now fully apprecaite something that truly revels in its utter insanity. I loved how one of the clocks appeared to be high at the end which was what caused all this in the first place. How did LeekClock recover from the gunshot wound so fast? The animation was cool in this and I laughed at the scene where SirClock sees his world high. His name makes you think of something dignfied so it is great fun to see him shoot people up, or clocks up. Happy Clock Day, SirClock!

Creatus responds:

Thank you, thank you! Yes there is indeed irony that goes along with the persona that was formed for SirClock. He is a junkie who wears a suit.

Absolutely funny.

This video was awesome. Humor was great, and the flash was done well.


This flash was so funny! Animation was smooth!! And it had pure awesomeness! YAY FOR CLOCK DAY!!

Creatus responds:



un expected 2! i thoght the Locks would try and destroy Clock day!

Creatus responds:

Naw, the lock legion went off in some corner and died. The clock crew has nothing to fear now.