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Reviews for "Clock Day '07: 'B'ite Me"

i am reviewing

this very good movie.

It was very good.

BoltClock responds:

this very good review.

It was very good.



no seriously, made me lol.
also nice score.

BoltClock responds:

Haha, yeah I didn't see a 4 coming :P

Happy Clock Day.

I have been bitten

And I feel strange.

BoltClock responds:

I hope you didn't just catch dengue... oh wait you're not somewhere infested with Aedes mosquitoes. Never mind, hop along now fella ;D

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A very good clock day movie! The background was very colorful and I like the way you animated the clocks in this one. Also, the audio was great. I was thinking it was definitely Weird Al...maybe the weasel part from Albuquerque, but then I read your comments. Never even knew about that track!

^^Needs Improving^^
Still too short. Maybe you could have looped the music with some extra animation or something. Long seizure movies are always more interesting.

BoltClock responds:

Thanks a lot. Bite Me's a secret track, and now that you mention it, it does sound a little like the weasel part of Albuquerque! :D

I was working very late, so I only had under half an hour to make this :/


Even without being epileptic it felt like my eyes were trying to curl up and die!

Needless to say I played it again just to make sure.
I started with 'B'ee and went back to the start of all your BoltClockness and I'm working my way forward. So far, short and sweet! (All hail StrawberryClock)

BoltClock responds:

Thank you.