Reviews for "Hey Snakeclock Fuck You"

oh my god.

all the flashing in the screen is hurting my eyes and my eye sight is bad enough.

A simple ultamatum

Well I would say sorry to the eight authors of this flash but then again I'm not because I hate these pathetic flashes. To anyone who would like to know these eight are now in the perfect position for a lawsuit by anyone who watched this do to the fact that they give no warning about the flashing light patterns, so Clock's you have until someone sues you to remove this. Peace ,,I,, o_O' ,,I,,

I wonder how many actually saw the movies

did any of you knew there are actaully movies behind the flashing things

This is dangerous

WTF!? Yous could have killed somebody with this senseless bullshit! 8 authors and thats the best you could come up with. Blam this crap yourselves and do something more constructive!

Wait a second...

Is it just me or is this a deliberate attempt to troll New grounds... Nahh couldn't be, I give a 10 for all the realistic siting on the side bar there.