Reviews for "HW - The Spectrum"

I can drop to this one!

You are undoubtedly and without challenge the single best musician on Newgrounds! Period.

Very Nice!

This song flows together very well. Definitely download-worthy!

(On a side note, you really seem to have put that gif I gave you to good use! Let me know if you want any others.)


If you know me, haywire, I rarely give out 10s. I'm not giving this thing a 10 because of your wobble bass (which, in my opinion, needed some more character in the timbre), I'm not giving this a 10 because it's a dubstep song. I'm giving this a 10 because it's so atmospheric -- something that you really don't hear in many dubstep songs nowadays. While everyone else is focused on making the most epic wobbles they can, you've backstepped and shown everyone up by focusing more on the drums, rhythms, and melodies. Your percussion in this track is absolutely phenomenal, and the jazz-influenced chord progressions are beautiful. If there's anything I can say, you've inspired me as I'm currently working on my EP. You make me want to get my percussion to GROOVE, for my melodies to give you a semblance of solace, and for my chord progressions to offer a landscape of color that you can only achieve in your dreams. Great work, my friend. Your prowess as a musician really shows in this one, and thank you so much for the inspiration! =)


Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,


A new fave musician.
and not a new fave NG musician, if you know what I mean. THIS IS GREAT.
I love listening to jazzy hip-hop, this has the jazzy chords, funky wobbles, really spacey synths, great layering..

a really solid production definitely download

Freaken sick

Bass compression is on point. I agree completely with Jazzman. Really different feeling to dubstep and it goes back to the original dub in my opinion. Keep it up this is pure gold.