Reviews for "Who Framed LeekClock?"

An excellent movie sir

except you spelled COLLECTION wrong


Sensu-clock responds:

Haha, oops, thanks for the review, and happy Clockday!

You have the right to remain silent...

So I can beat you with my night stick. GO TO BED SENSU!! Plus I don't think you did all the voices. Some were too deep. LOL Happy Clock Day!

Sensu-clock responds:

Damn you suck.

But happy clockday anyways fewl!


... it's clock day!!!!
It was a nice movie...
But the storyline was kinda confusing...
I hope you submit the next one.

Sensu-clock responds:

Yah, I unfortunately had to cut it off before it's time. Look for part 2 next clockday or maybe sooner! Happy clockday!

Great job boy

The graphics are really cool, I like the whole grunge and dark feeling. But it was a tad too short. You probably rushed this for Clock Day though, but I'm happy you made something.

Happy Clock Day!

Sensu-clock responds:

Haha, you're absolutely correct with that, it was going to be much longer. Thanks for the review, and watch for part 2!


so is it going to continue on clock day 2008 ?