Reviews for "Darkness In Me (Symphonic"


You never fail to impress me to the fullest extent! This is an amazing song, your friends are very talented. The vocals are very well done. I love the added symphonic and orchestral stuff too, I love symphonic/melodic metal. Is everyone in Sweden an amazing metal musician? lol. You and your friends need to be famous. Fuck all these shit bands coming out these days calling themselves "hardcore" and "metal" You are what metal is all about.

-Your #1 fan.

Awsome Job!

Your Skill Are Great Keep It Up!


That is metal of a colossal proportion, love the vocals as well.

damn crazy

in a very heavy metal way. the one thing about the song didnt like was this.... i didnt have my i-pod cord to download this. sounds great, titles great, this is greatness.

Pretty Damn Good

Usually screamo can get easily a little pretentious if that is the word I'm looking for. But this seemed like a really nice blend of intruments and vocals. I especially liked the epic sound throughout the entire song.