Reviews for "Darkness In Me (Symphonic"

well done

The singer isn't my most favorite but I have to give you credit for your music. It is increasingly hard to find good heavy metal on this site and this is probably one of the best I've heard in years... Just i dunno the singer is just really throwing me off... I think it just has that more of a talking feel to it than a more heavyish feel. I dunno but well done and thanks for an awesome song.

Awesome shit

the only thing i ws wondering is if you might put up a version without the vocals? Cant get enough of the music, vocals are great too, but its awesome yeah

Lashmush responds:

Impossible to do as I only used an MP3 to work with. if i had gotten access to the master i would've been able to mix it properly as well.

thanks for the review. :3

Fucking Metal!

Wow, this is some sick ass shit. And persoanlly I'm not a huge metal fan but god damn this shit rocks! The insrtrumental is almost egyptian like in a weird way too or maybe that's just me. That being said this is almost too good for Newgrounds!




that's heavy


Right after I heard the guitar along with the starts to get heavy instantly it got a 5, my favorites, and a download. Fucking awesome! So fucking awesome I have to write a fraction, 1\3...so yeah.