Reviews for "Darkness In Me (Symphonic"

epic win.

tital sais it all, keep it up.

pretty good

ive heard haeder than this but still pretty good

damn crazy

in a very heavy metal way. the one thing about the song didnt like was this.... i didnt have my i-pod cord to download this. sounds great, titles great, this is greatness.


the first part of this sounded like it was from a game other than that it great

not normally into "metal"

But the Guitar riffs and melody drew me in! The Screaming i could do withougt...is there a purely Instrumental Version?

Lashmush responds:

I simply worked in the symphonics on a finished MP3 of their track. If I had the master tracks, sure. But without the vocals the original ensemble is disturbed and the track will lose a lot of its original feel which basically renders my symphonics moot. :c

Thanks for the review.