Reviews for "Darkness In Me (Symphonic"


The intro was amazing, but I just can't stand people screaming vocals. But besides that well done :)

good work

I don't really like death opera traditionally but this was really good, did you use a computer synth program or a bunch of instruments. again great work, if I had any advice it would be to make the transition from the light part at the beginning to the heavy part, however the immediate kick was also pleasant.

Lashmush responds:

its VST instruments sequenced digitally on top of the mastered mp3 of the original song.

That was BEAST!

Awesome track man, especially loved the long buildup when you got to the lyrics, it kept building and building, i thought it was amazing before it hit the vocals but then Bam, instant 10/10 and 5/5 rating, ill look out for you guys in the future coz this was fantastic.


There isn't a part of this masterpiece I didn't like! Keep up the great work, both you and the original band!

BIG track

Brutal production, guitars and drums are very punchy and heavy. The "ahhh" chorus really gives the song that extra fullness.
LOVE how the guitars enter, kick snare kick- boom- next thing you know you've got a wall of guitars in your face :D

Vocals fit seamlessly into the song, very upfront and distinct.

Awesome track guys!