Reviews for "Darkness In Me (Symphonic"


I SWear thats the best part of this song. It reminds me of a guy who is burning on fire and hes just standing there because he is immune to it and he sends the fire down on the people so they can too try to be like him but he just ends up burning everyone to death and then the reaper of death comes forth out of the ground and fights the man that is on fire and the reaper ends up being sucked into the man so now he can wield the reaper SYTH and now he is the fire reaper and burns his SYTH on fire then throws it around the world sending a fire tornado down to the whole world. But We Will Not Give In.

fuck yeah

headbanging worthy, motherfucker.
I love this, it's brutal and awesome.

For the win

I could see this in Castlevania, when your facing Dracula.

If I could I would give you a score of 50, but can't go higher then that. Epic work.


I am a HUGE fan of metal, mainly symphonic metal, but metal in general is the greatest thing to have been heard by human ears. I'm glad to have heard this, it's rather amazing and I'm going to listen to it over and over and over again :D!

Pretty Damn Good

Usually screamo can get easily a little pretentious if that is the word I'm looking for. But this seemed like a really nice blend of intruments and vocals. I especially liked the epic sound throughout the entire song.