Reviews for "Darkness In Me (Symphonic"


10/10 isn't sufficient. Downloaded!

Gave the original a looksee

I like what was done with making the song more epic overall. But at the same time I feel I could listen to the original without regret. On a brighter note, it's a pretty badass song, reminds a bit of scar symmetry. The vocalist reminds me of Unearth's with a bit more clarity. Overall I like it, wouldn't mind having it for personal listening.

It was cool, but-

The vocals were lame, and they sound like Chimaira.

Holy shit!

This blew me away!
Fucking metal at it's finest.

I try to only give 10's and 5/5 only when I really mean it, so...


Good shit


the vocals were ma least favorite part o this song but eh its just me so good job to ya anyway 5/5 because thought the music was dat good make the vocals better and again another song for the top even though you are